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    1. The Seller – the private legal person UAB Valtralita registered in Marijampole branch of the Register of Legal Entities of the SE Centre of Registers of the Republic of Lithuania, legal entity code 300118845, VAT identification number LT100001695710, registered office address and mailing address Valių str. 31, Giedručiai village, Šakiai district, LT- 71104.
    2. – the online store operated by UAB Valtralita.
    3. The Buyer – (1) a legally capable natural person, i.e. a person having reached the age of majority whose capacity is not restricted by the court order; (2) a minor between the ages of fourteen and eighteen who has the consent of the parents or guardians, unless such a minor is emancipated; (3) legal person; 4) the duly authorized representatives of all aforementioned persons.
    4. The Seller‘s partner – a legal person: (1) selling goods or providing services for, as well as a legal person which is used to fulfil the order placed by the Buyer; 2) together with which joint promotions or projects are carried out in the online store, on the websites of such a legal person or in any media in which the promotion or the project of and such a legal person will be described or published.
    5. Account - the result of the Buyer's registration with, following which an account, that stores his personal data and history of orders, is created.
    6. Account of – the account of on Facebook and/or other social networking websites, which provide information about and the Services it provides, and sharing of content published by Buyers.
    7. Services – all services provided by to the Buyer.
    8. Cookie – a small file that is sent to the device when any person visits This term includes not only the use of cookies, but also of similar tools.
    9. Password – a unique combination of letters and numbers created by and known only to the Buyer, which is entered for the first time when registering with and later to log in to the Account.
    10. Browser – a program designed to display websites (web pages) on the web or a personal computer.
    11. Personal data – any information related to a natural person - data subject, whose identity is known or can be established directly or indirectly using data such as personal number, one or more features of a physical, physiological, psychological, economic, cultural or social nature which are charecteristic of the person.
    12. Personal data controller – UAB Valtralita.
    13. Privacy Policy – this document which provides the main rules for the collection, collation, processing and retention of Personal Data when using
    14. Administrator – the person responsible for the actions performed on
    15. IP address – a unique number, known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address, which is assigned to each computer connected to the Internet. Since these numbers are usually assigned by country blocks, an IP address often can be used to identify the country in which the computer is connected to the Internet.
    16. Rules – the approved and valid rules of buying and selling goods in the online store

    18. Privacy Policy provides the main rules for the collection, collation and processing of personal data when the Buyer uses the services offered by
    19. The Privacy Policy is designed to protect and defend the Personal Data of the Buyers of against and from illegal use. The Privacy Policy also applies to the Accounts of
    20. The Buyer shall be deemed to have made himself familiar with and having read this Privacy Policy when the Buyer performs a purchase or newsletter subscription action. The Privacy Policy can be read and printed at any time on Buyers will always be informed about any future amendments and/or additions to the Privacy Policy by publishing the new version of the Privacy Policy on and by creating a technical feasibility for the Buyers, who are logging in to for the first time, to read and approve the new version of the Privacy Policy.
    21. Buyers should note that contains/may contain links to the websites of other persons, companies or organizations, and that the Seller is not responsible for the content of such websites and/or for the methods for ensuring the Privacy Policy that are used by them. Therefore, before providing information about himself, the Buyer should read the rules, the Privacy policy and other documents of the relevant website.
    22. The Buyer may perform the purchase actions on both after having and without having registered with The Buyer who has not registered with the online store, is required to provide the following Personal Data:
    • Forename and surname
    • telephone number
    • e-mail address
    • delivery address of the goods
    The Buyer is responsible for providing his Personal Data.
    23. Persons wishing to register with must provide their e-mail address and their own Password. An Account is created during the registration. The Buyer enters his data, such as the forename, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, delivery address of the goods, by himself in the Account. Therefore, only he is responsible for the accuracy of such a data. The Buyer may at any time:
    23.1. adjust and/or supplement the Personal data contained in the Account. The Buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the adjusted and/or supplemented data;
    23.2. for cancellation of the Account, Buyers must contact by sending a request by e-mail to

    24. The Buyer consents to processing of his forename, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, IP address on for the purposes of activity analysis., accordingly, gives the Buyer the right to express his consent or disagreement, at the time of registering with or when placing an order, to processing of his forename, surname, e-mail address, IP address on for direct marketing purposes too.
    25. If, after the purchase of goods and/or services, the Buyer does not want the Personal Data referred to in Point 24 to be used for direct marketing or performance analysis purposes, the Buyer must send a message to the e-mail address or call the telephone number +37064034858 and tell that he does not wish to receive newsletters. immediately terminates direct marketing to the e-mail address specified by the Buyer.
    26. The Seller confirms that the Personal Data provided by the Buyer will be processed only to provide properly the Buyers with the services provided in the online store (including the right to participate in promotions and projects). The Seller also confirms that the Personal Data provided by the Buyer will be processed for the purposes of the Seller's performance analysis and of Direct Marketing, if the Buyer gives and does not revoke such a consent. The retention period for Personal Data to be used for Direct Marketing purposes is five calendar years from the moment when such data is submitted.

    27. The Seller shall undertake not to disclose the Personal Data of the Buyer to third parties, except in the following cases:

    27.1. to law enforcement authorities in accordance with the procedure provided for in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;
    27.2. if such disclosure is necessary to prevent or investigate criminal offenses.
    28. When buying goods for which a warranty contract is issued, the Buyer consents to the use of his personal data:
    • forename and surname
    • e-mail address
    • address of the place of residence
    • telephone number
    in registering the product in the supplier's system and completing the product warranty contract. The Buyer may request at any time the termination of the data processing and retention processes. The Buyer shall undertake to notify about the personal data that has changed. Should the Buyer fail to notify about the personal data that has changed, shall not assume any responsibility for the consequences of such failure to notify.
    28.1. In buying goods in installments, the Buyer use the services of companies providing financial services. The Buyer is automatically redirected to the self-service websites of such companies and provides there all necessary personal data. does not collect or collate this data.
    29. By entering into a Purchase-Sale Agreement with, the Buyer consents to the transfer of his personal data to these third parties with whom we have agreements.
    • companies providing parcel delivery services - to ensure smooth delivery of goods;
    • companies providing marketing services
    30. The Buyer has the following rights:
    30.1. to get acquainted, after having submitted a written request to the Seller, with the Personal Data held by the Seller. The information is provided to the Buyer by sending it to the e-mail address specified by the Buyer;
    30.2. to receive, after having submitted a written request to the Seller, information from which sources and which Personal Data of the Buyer have been collected, for what purpose they are processed, to which data recipients they are or have been provided. The information is provided to the Buyer by sending it to the e-mail address specified by the Buyer;
    30.3. to require, after having submitted a request to the Seller, by sending a message to the e-mail address or by calling the telephone number +37069938917 cancellation of the Account or to suspend the processing of Personal Data when Personal Data is processed in breach of the provisions of the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data and other laws, except as provided in the Privacy Policy;
    30.4. the Buyer disagreeing with the Privacy Policy will not be able to buy goods and/or services in the online store;
    30.5. to express his consent to the processing of his Personal Data for Direct Marketing purposes and to provide such a consent at a later date in accordance with Point 26 of the Privacy Policy.
    31. The Seller shall retain Personal Data for as long as the person uses the services of, but not longer than provided by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania regulating the activities of
    32. The Buyer shall undertake and must keep safely his password and name for login to as well as other data. The Buyer shall undertake and must not disclose to any other third parties the Personal Data about himself or about third parties], if the Buyer has had access to such Personal Data of third parties, and immediately notify the Seller of noticeable violations.
    33. The Buyer consents in advance to the storage of his personal data by the Seller in the server for as long as necessary according to the peculiarities of the activities of if the data provided by the Buyer has been (i) used in the course of an illegal activity or (ii) identity theft or other misconduct, regarding which an investigation by the relevant law enforcement authorities has been or will be carried out, was suspected, (iii) if the Seller has received complaints related to the respective Buyer, or if the Seller has noticed the violations of the Rules committed by the respective Buyer, or (iv) when there are other legitimate purposes for storing Personal Data. These data shall be destroyed upon receiving lawful instructions from law enforcement or other authorized authorities.
    34. Any request or instruction related to the processing of Personal Data must be submitted by the Buyer to the Seller in writing in one of the following ways: (1) by serving the Seller with such a request or instruction directly at the address Valių str. 31, Giedručiai village, Šakiai district LT71104; (2) by sending such a request or instruction to the e-mail address from his e-mail address which is specified in Point 25 of the Privacy Policy. Upon receipt of such a request or instruction from the Buyer, the Seller shall respond to the Buyer not later than within 30 (thirty) calendar days and shall perform or refuse to perform the actions specified in the request. At the request of the Buyer, the response must be provided in writing.

    35. The Buyer confers with the right to collect, manage, process and retain the Buyer's Personal Data to the extent and for the purposes provided for in the Privacy Policy and other documents of
    36. The consent to collect, manage, process and retain the Buyer's Personal Data is valid only forward. Upon receipt of such notice by e-mail or other means provided for in the Privacy Policy, shall immediately suspend the processing of the Buyer's Personal Data and annul the Buyer's Account. However, this does not mean that has to delete the Personal Data from/destroy the Personal Data in the server if has a legal basis to retain them, especially when it is necessary to ensure the security and defence of the state, public order, prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of crimes, protection of important economic or financial interests of the state, protection of the rights and freedoms of other people.
    37. The Buyer shall have the right to access his Personal Data after having provided with his identity document (Passport of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania, passport of the Republic of Lithuania, personal identity card, driving license must be provided for the verification of the identity). To find out which Personal Data has been collected or received by and from which sources they have been collected or received, the purposes for which they are processed, the recipients to whom they are submitted and have been submitted, or whether all the Buyer's Personal Data is complete and correct, the Buyer must contact in advance by sending a message to the e-mail address specified in this Privacy Policy. Upon receipt of such a request from the Buyer, shall respond to the Buyer by specifying whether or not the Personal Data related to the Buyer is processed, and shall provide the data requested by the Buyer no later than within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of receipt of the Buyer's request
    38. If has doubts about the accuracy of the Personal Data provided by the Buyer, may suspend the processing of and verify and correct such Personal Data of the Buyers. Such Personal Data are only used to verify their accuracy.
    39. In exercising the above rights, the Buyer may contact by e-mail

    40. In order to provide the Buyer with full-fledged services of the online store, Cookies may be saved on the Buyer's computer (device). The Buyer may review which information (Cookies) is stored by the Seller or its Partners, and may delete some or all of the Cookies that have been saved. By confirming the Privacy Policy, the Buyer consents to saving the Cookies provided in this Privacy Policy on his computer (device). The Buyer may revoke this consent at any time by changing the settings of his web browser. However, in this case, certain functions of the online store may not be available to the Buyer. The Buyer must personally find out which Cookies are used/can be used by the Partners of the Seller.

    41. This Privacy Policy takes effect on 1 July 2021. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be notified in accordance with the procedure provided for in Point 20 of this Privacy Policy.