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Progressive distributor BVA, BVA-N

  • Progressive distributor BVA, BVA-N

    Block progressive distributors BVA are highly resistant to mechanical damage with minimum requirement for installation area, and suitable for bigger lubrication circuits in the hardest working conditions. They are supplied in two variants, steel dispensers BVA and stainless steel dispensers BVA-N, which are made of stainless steel AISI 303 (1.4305). BVA product line is supplied with up to 12 working sections (24 outlets), product line BVA-N is supplied with a maximum of 6 working sections (12 outlets). Uniform nominal dose is set to 0.20 cm³/stroke. Higher amount of combination of doses is possible by using connecting bridges and doubling the dose to the outlet by interconnecting inside of working section. Distributors may be fitted with electrical or visual operation signalling.