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Linear ball bearings and shafts

  • Benefits:
    • High modularity and easy to use
    • Units (Single, Tandem, Quadro) available for almost every application
    • Wide range of diameters from 3 to 80 mm
    • Stainless steel design
    • Factory pre-lubricated bearings and units
    Linear ball bearings (also called ball bushings or shaft guides) are cost-effective and widely used linear guide systems used in a wide variety of applications. The guiding principle comprises of three elements: Linear ball bearings, bearing housings and precision shafts. The wide range of diameters combined with the different types of bearings, housings and shafts make it easy to use and assemble. Shaft guides ensure low-friction guidance with unlimited lifting capacity.
    The linear ball bearings from Ewellix are available as a compact series, LBB (ISO series 1) and as a standard series, LBC (ISO series 3). For both versions we offer different single, tandem and Quadro units with respective shaft blocks and supports. In addition, there are different materials and pre-defined design standards for precision shafts.
    Ewellix linear ball bearings and units are pre-lubricated with a specially developed high performance LGEP2 bearing grease. When using our double lip seals (2LS), no relubrication is necessary in most cases, as the theoretical relubrication interval exceeds the service life of the bearing. Bearings with a shaft diameter of up to 5 mm are not pre-lubricated.